May 20, 2004

Accidental Art. Found Photographs. From Chicago. It's about how we lived
  • This is awesome, boo.
  • Great stuff. The "rebel" photo's a personal fave.
  • I always wonder - where are found photographs found?
  • Awesome stuff. Run by Monkeyfilter's very own Argh, apparently.
  • Too embarassed to say anything.
  • Yay argh!
  • Argh, you've just won a month's supply of 'nanners. ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) That'll last you through the weekend.
  • I have a question: I do book cover design for a small publishing company. Some of those images are fantastic. What if I wanted to use one? What kind of legal problems might I run into?
  • Excellent stuff. See also: LOOK AT ME
  • certainsome1 - dunno. Didn't the band "The Cult" get sued some years back for using a native american childs pic on an album cover?