December 10, 2003

Henry Rollins On Television
  • David Cross Lite!
  • I had a hard time linking to the audio. Is this the file?
  • I thought this was Henry Rollins on Television.
  • Indeed it is. Thanks for the link, Sullivan, I'll remove mine now. I have always been intrigued by Henry Rollins because I know nothing about him but his media presence. He is good looking and in my face. Last time I remember seeing him he was co-hosting some incredibly stupid TV show about extremities (actually he was driving a jeep over rough terrain while a guy was getting tat...oh, no.... he was yet another dumb co-host spouting off about how extreme the next thing I was about to see was...). The venerable HR in yet another spin-off from one of those evil British shows, I think. Is that part of the joke? As far as the kind of stand-up you posted goes you will be better off renting or listening to this. The audio should be available via the usual routes. I've never seen the video. I laughed my ass off. Bears and tubas? That's my kind of humour. Then again, I went to high school with Matthew Perry... Robin Williams "At The Met" is the same modus operandi but a lot more funny. Jerry Garcia mused: "I don't mind selling out. I just want to know who's buying." Tell me, please explain to me how Henry Rollins is not one more sell-out asshole. Black flag indeed. But then again... /deadhead who doesn't own a TV and wrote this song.
  • See, last time I saw him he was presenting a show in which dorks with remote-control robots fought each other. What a tremendous cock. He's not even very funny.
  • *wanders in from previous thread* Hoo boy, I have some definite Henry Rollins memories not of any TV thing, but rather the recordings and one about how to properly [CENSORED] to your heart's content, but you needed to [CENSORED] [CENSORED] [CENSORED] and wear a helmet because otherwise, while you were in [CENSORED][CENSORED] and proceeding to [CENSORED][CENSORED][CENSORED][CENSORED], you might hurt yourself when you [CENSORED][CENSORED]. All this happened one night in [CENSORED][CENSORED] when I was with [CENSORED], a [CENSORED][CENSORED] and we [CENSORED][CENSORED][CENSORED][CENSORED] [CENSORED][CENSORED][CENSORED][CENSORED] [CENSORED][CENSORED][CENSORED][CENSORED] [CENSORED]. But, my memory seems hazy for some reason, perhaps because of willful forgetting.