May 16, 2004

Shocking! A do it yourself stun gun:
When you live in fear-driven times such as these, having grown up with MacGyver as a role model has its advantages. Kevin and I thought it would be cool to MacGyver our own shocking device in glove form, using simply what we had lying around the house. What was lying around the house was a simple one-time-use camera.
[Via /.]
  • ...fear-driven times such as these... I can't quite see this being a workable defence against terrorists, unless you can somehow talk them into putting down their AK47s and shaking hands. Interesting, though.
  • Strange. I just finished reading Idoru and Gibson repeatedly mentioned grade-schoolers making miniature stun guns from the capacitors in disposable cameras. Now I get to try it for myself. Thanks!
  • You know, trying to refer to that tiny, blurry 180 x 90 pixel schematic I'd probably be electrocuted somewhere around Step #3 or 4.
  • I have definately shocked myself when i was taking apart one of those disposable cameras for fun, I learned my lesson and never bought another disposable camera again.
  • Video of the idea behind it available here (Quicktime)
  • I've once tried to clean my (not disposable) camera with a flash and accidently hit that capacitor when I opened it. It really stunned, I still feel it now when I'm writing this. After that the whole camera was fried as well BTW.
  • Death By Camera...someday, we will see that headline.
  • Mmhh... maybe some stun add-on for the iPod could kill two birds with ne stone..
  • ne = one. Gotta stop posting drunk.
  • Thanks for the video, genial. The payoff in the end was very Jackass-esque.