May 14, 2004

Homes. My wife and I live in a nice enough run-of-the-mill apartment in Brooklyn, but are yearning for a little more. I like this missile silo but it's a little spendy. Something like this feller's airliner would be closer to our budget, but it isn't quite big enough. We'd have plenty of space in this imposing, 4 storey limestone Victiorian school building (no bids so far, and only $150,000), but maybe this old church would be a little more inviting... (a bit MI)

There are always islands to think about, too (this site is slow but worth poking around in. Mostly vastly too expensive, and often too remote, but GREAT for dream-bait). A few years ago those we went on a road trip and saw that those giant cement dinosaurs off the 10 in Palm Springs were for sale, but I reckon they have long been sold. Also, it isn't for sale now, and probably never will be, but I still have to post a link to one of my two favorite buildings: Lucy, the tin elephant.

  • i apologise for spelling, grammer and the one self link.
  • Another airplane-home site. It's a company offering to erect it for you at any location. Cool thing is, it's on a pillar which allows it to rotate 360 degrees like a giant weathervane. Not too expensive, either ($250000?).
  • ooh! thanks exppii! i remember seeing that site before but couldn't dig up the link...
  • dirtdirt look no further!!
  • Oooh... the limestone schoolhouse inspires lust in my heart. But I'm guessing the cost of upkeep, especially to historical standards, is huge.
  • Ach, aye, about that school, now, dirtdirt. Only consider the labour/cost in a thing as simple as keeping all those windows clean, inside and out. The place I suspect would gulp a verra sizeable bankroll and never notice.
  • dirtdirt: looks to me as though you're ready for a bread and breakfast lifestyle. Or maybe a residential facility for aging neocons, for which the silo would be perfect.
  • Defcon 4! Defcon 4! Initiate Operation Prune Juice! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!
  • Well, if not, I have a really good suppository for you.
  • I want to know more about the madman who put all the Italian marble in the old missile silo. Somebody out there had a big dream that went bust (if not *boom*).
  • You could always dig a hole.
  • Lucy rocks the house. Thanks for the heads up.