May 14, 2004

They Rule. They control the worlds most powerful corporations, have access to the highest levels of government, they make descisions that affect every aspect of our lives. They are the most powerful men and women in the world. THEY RULE.

They Rule aims to provide a glimpse of some of the relationships of the US ruling class. It takes as its focus the boards of some of the most powerful U.S. companies, which share many of the same directors. Some individuals sit on 5, 6 or 7 of the top 500 companies. It allows users to browse through these interlocking directories and run searches on the boards and companies. A user can save a map of connections complete with their annotations and email links to these maps to others. They Rule is a starting point for research about these powerful individuals and corporations.

  • /burns glad someone remembered to post this. Pretty creepy. I wish there was more info about the people.
  • Theres an option when you click on the people to search for them on Google, Open Secrets, CNN, Corp. Watch, BBC News, or half a dozen other sites.
  • On companies, you can even instantly hop over to SEC Filings, EPA citations, Enviro Scorecard, and the AFL's exec Paywatch.
  • [scary bananas] Someone post this on MeFi, please. I would, but I've used my daily credit.
  • *is not allowed to post to the-Not-Monkey-Place* I'm debating whether I want to start making fun maps and posting screenshots.
  • This is cool! But I'd prefer that there be clearer instructions on how to *become* one.
  • I'd prefer that there be clearer instructions Wrong thread, Fes.
  • The only one that appeals me me over there is the brewmaster ones. But if I hook one of these gigs? I can buy my OWN brewery! Woo!
  • It was posted on MeFi ages ago.
  • See, I'd like to be Ruling Class, but only for a day -- a stressful, tie-wearing, board-meeting-attending sort of vacation. After that I would prefer to return to the warm bosom of Slack.
  • Ages ago it wasn't newly updated for 2004 languagehat. And 2001 is reaallly ages ago.
  • I told you that it was oligarchy, but OH NO you wouldn't listen. Have it your way. There is NO CABAL. You can't tell me it's not kakistocracy*, though. *new WFTD Mr. Hat, please, Sir. Is there a word for government/rule/control by corporation? Thankee.
  • I think the closest thing is "plutocracy" -- rule by the rich. The corporation is a relatively modern invention. But feel free to invent your own; if it's catchy enough, it may catch on!
  • BlueHorse: It's "capitalism". Fantastic website; cheers. Reminded me a lot of this, from the rear of the last Godspeed You! Black Emperor album.