May 14, 2004

More quality programming from Fox and the WB. I do not understand why people are so cruel.
  • yay television.
  • In response, I just made an order to Amazon.
  • I do not understand why people are so cruel. The people in the shows or the media broadcast companies?
  • I was discussing the horrifying development of reality shows with a friend yesterday (the swan in particular). she said she'd always thought that football would be more interesting if the field had land mines ;) we joked about various cruel coliseum type "sports" a la christians v lions, which got me thinking about the impetus behind the roman games, which was in part to pacify a large population of unemployed and urban poor, while their government spent "billions" on foreign wars of conquest for greed n profit. not that I am drawing an analogy or anything...
  • /keeps watching NHK's singing contests
  • as far as the Roman circuses go, those particular participants were, ah, unwilling entertainments. The Swan's, on the other hand, lined up for the chance. TV entertainment people are extraordinarily conservative about their programming (consider that a show as weakly groundbreaking as Seinfeld had to go through a lot of hoops to get made). If people don't volunteer to be Swans, and people don't volunteer to watch modern-day pseudo-cinderellas get purtied up and take revenge on the fatuous gasbag husbands and boyfriends who snubbed them, then the networks will go back to providing quality entertainment. Like, say, King of Queens.
  • I can't get enough of that chubby wisecrackin' UPS man! Woohoo!
  • *gasp* Medusa what . . what are you saying?!??
  • A channel here in Sweden has just begun to air the "Miriam" show. According to the news the channel execs has recieved death threats because of this. Can't say I feel sorry for them.
  • In Fox's case, we're talking about a network that loves to produce shows with the tired-ass theme of "World's Blankiest Blank" and "When (insert plural noun) Go Bad", and in the special case of their news channel, throw objectivity to the wind and proceed to pee in the cereal of anyone who is less conservative than Genghis Khan. WB, on the other hand, does have some good, quality programming. The "More guts than pipes" concept actually sounds OK - many people can sing badly, but few actually have the nerve to do it in front of a national audience.
  • Seinfeld? Groundbreaking? How? The reference to groundbreaking regarding Seinfeld should be a grave to bury the cold, dead bodies of those lame-ass, shallow, whiny media-whores they call stars. As for reality shows, there is a special place reserved for those beneath the latrine pits of Hell.
  • I like "World's Shiniest Objects". and Sponge Bob.
  • Since this Friday is Thread Derail Day for me, I'll only comment that I'm currectly reading "Glimpses" by Lewis Shiner. It's a supernatural rock-n-roll thriller of sorts, way better than anything on tv. [/derail]
  • Man, if they had "World's Shiniest Objects", I might consider getting cable.
  • You know it would only be a matter of time before a competing network would introduce “Sparkly Things™”, saturating the market, ending the shiny era. Best left alone.