May 14, 2004

Tell an American to vote 7.1 million Americans live abroad. Less than 30 percent of them voted last presidential election. This site tries to mobilize people of many nations (in many languages) to tell American friends to register as a foreign voter. All the necessary paperwork can be downloaded from this site. Their mission is to kick Bush out of the White House. It seems like a good idea to me.

Extra message for tax dodgers: Here's the official government explanation: "Exercising your right to vote in elections for Federal offices only, does not affect the determination of residence or domicile for purposes of any tax imposed under Federal, state, or local law." source: Federal Voting Assistance Program

  • Great idea. I am sending it to several friends abroad as well as my Argentine ex who has many American friends. I suggest you all do the same.
  • Why don't we just tell Americans to go fuck themselves?
  • Because we like Americans. It's just that many non-Americans don't really appreciate the current policy of their federal government. But would things be much better with a new administration? Maybe concerning the war on terror, but trade disputes might go on.
  • Why don't we just tell Americans to go fuck themselves?
    Isn't this what the Iraqis have been trying to do for quite some time now?
  • Cool, Im an american living abroad, I have the paperwork, but it is a hassle to get, definitely gonna forward this around. Thanks!