May 14, 2004

80's Tarot cards: Beginning with Ferris Bueller (The Fool), and ending with Wang Chung (The Ten of Pentacles). Robert Smith is Death.
  • Nice. Although a bit too quirky for me. I use these two, usually. And on the lookout for this set.
  • That first link was cockposted, Alnedra. I've been reading Tarot since I was eight, and I'm not sure if I'm too happy with these 'funny' decks. But then perhaps I'm getting too precious about my own little arcana, seeing it being appropriated by the in-crowd just like the Qabala was adopted by the airheads in Tinseltown. May Choronzon eat their puny palping brains.
  • And the other thing is, these designs are photoshop shit. The traditional face designs of the Tarot have evolved incredibly complex layered symbolic meanings, colour-codes and elemental alignments which are an aid to reading and cross-meanings, and which take years to learn and understand. Here comes some puke with photoshop, crappy pictures and a few wildly applied filters and weeee a joke Tarot set. I'd appreciate it a bit more if it was maybe done a little more artistically. Sorry, I'm grumpy today. But, I have a point. Apart from the one on my head?
  • *cringe* Where do I put my face? I'm sorry! Here's one sample of it. (I know, the Magician looks kinda goofy)
  • Nostril, you remind me of a cranky old Roman Catholic complaining about the irrelevance of the "new rite." Relax, man. People have been troping on the tarot since long before either you or I were born. I agree with you that the graphic work on these cards is terrible, both in design (I, too, miss the symbolism) and execution. The appropriation of the Tarot symbols to pop icons of the 80s, however, is clever as hell, and deserves credit. Read the text. Ignore the pictures.
  • "Nostril, you remind me of a cranky old Roman Catholic.." Ouch!!! Way to insult a pagan!
  • Have to agree with goetter, the text for the most part is dead on. I like it, but then again, just as I started posting this, the Pet Shop Boys, "Opportunities" started playing in iTunes. I could be a tad biased.
  • Wang Chung. That is all.
  • Everybody Ten of Pentacles tonight! Except where taxed, licensed, or otherwise prohibited by law.
  • Ought to be prohibited by law. *mutters*
  • I know it's a little late, poo!