May 14, 2004

Like to try out your dream job? Here's a chance to do that. Not too many jobs listed yet, but I think this is a great idea...I wish I could be a lavender farmer in Oregon...
  • One-day of one-on-one mentorship in your dream job as a Cheese Maker Price: $699 + taxes. A little costly this ain't it? Considering that I'm making cheese whilst sitting here for nothing. I mean how hard can it possibly be?
  • Yeah, the idea is good but the execution may be problematic.
  • pfft. i'm willing to tutor anyone in "sarcastic, unproductive, ne'er-do-well" for a mere $399 a day.
  • Considering that at my point in life I have much more time than money, and probably could learn this sort of thing by just getting a job at the bottom rung (presumably having taken a beginners' course), still, I couldn't help but think, "mmmmm ....Chocolatier"
  • I have always wanted to live on a vineyard. Here's my chance! PS - I need to borrow $1799.
  • ok, so I didn't see a listing for sitting around on a chaise lounge in a fabulous dress reading spy novels & eating bonbons--which happens to be my dream job...
  • Sparge!
    What is 'sparge' anyway? It doesn't even include lodging at those prices.
  • Sparging, in brewing, is the flushing of water through the cooked mash to extract the fermentable sugars and other soluble flavor components from the bran and other solids. Sparging yields the fermentable wort and the useless-unless-you-can-feed-it-to-pigs spent mash. Fes could certainly say more on the topic. It's been a long time since I've brewed. No entry for elephant keeper. Darn.
  • secret agent!! They've given you a number and taken way your name.