May 14, 2004

What the hell? Mmmm. Viewpoints.

Can't quite work out if it is a parody or not.

  • Simple rule: if there is an email page, it's a parody. Unfotunately, this bloke claims his site is not a parody. But there's no need to take it seriously: he apparently takes himself seriously enough for all of us.
  • On seeing this, I changed my mind. It's a blatant parody.
  • Another simple rule: if there's a page devoted to saying why it's not a parody, it's a parody. (I don't think I've ever seen a non-parody site that had to assert it wasn't a parody...)
  • The parody smoking gun from this page.
    The rest who don't go to our Church or the others listed before are either demon possessed, a feminist, a pagan, a Jew, James Carnway, a maker of the Anti-Christian parody site,, or a homosexual.
    If you haven't been to Landover it is more of this sort of thing to the nth degree. And just bringing it up suggests that they are related.
  • Utilizing the above-mentioned two rules, I believe this is actually a crude parody of sites that crudely parodize ... parodate ... parodii ... uh, whatever, Christian sites. However! This comment also enables you to e-mail me, and is thus not a true comment at all, but merely a parody thereof. What a parydox.
  • But the email I would send you would be a pastiche.
  • if you post to the thread, you're not posting at all. And pastiche emails are only two-thirds mental and half deisel.
  • I had the same parody-distinguishing troubles when I read this last week. Ok, well maybe this one is a little more blatant, but still funny... But this one...only $99.99 for a "Helmet of Salvation" aka God's Trucker Hat...sign me up!
  • Enough of this persiflage! I see your pablum pastiche and I raise you one pleonasm, penned 'pon a piebald palimpsest.
  • From the message board rules: 4.) Don't be a moran. Yep, parody.
  • Yep, parody. More likely that little touch of lousy spelling that makes the whole world spin.
  • I'm not really posting this.