May 14, 2004

Tontie will steal your free time, your patience and your soul. So much for Friday productivity.
  • Oh my god. that is the greatest game ever. I got to level five, with almost 4000 points, but I'm kind of afraid to try again. i think i could lose my life to that if you let me. i must never click that link again.
  • aaargghhhh!
  • Can't wait to get home and try it with sound! Does it have sound?
  • I can't even click the link -- I spend far too much time at the Kingdom of Loathing already, I can't spare the time for another addictive game. *dreamy sigh*
  • *pats tracicle on back* I know how you feel. I'm stuck inside KoL myself. And now my friend Aki's screaming at me for making her an addict too.
  • Friday produwhatnow? I am already a sad case of what happens to people who get addicted to Tontie. Observe my wasted frame, and take heed, kind soul.
  • Dang. Hit level 8 and 8 thousand points. Then I had to go and hit a bomb. *pries gnarled deformed fingers away from numpad*
  • Oh shit. Now I've been sucked into the Kingdom of Loathing.
  • What do you mean I have no more adventures?!? What???
  • Level 9, 9530. Get that set of wings as quickly as possible from the store.
  • Hit level 8 and 8 thousand points. Then I had to go and hit a bomb. Without playing this game - can I assume that "to go and hit a bomb" is some toilet-related euphemism?
  • This is really hard without a number pad. But potentially very good for increasing your data-entry speed. So you can claim it's work related when your boss walks in. If you work puching in numbers.
  • The silver hammer's pretty good too
  • quidnunc kid: No, I really meant hit a bomb. At level 8, see, there's a bomb, and it's a round blue thing. And I hit it. Cost me my last bit of life.
  • My wife will never see me alive again... Ah, who cares. Just a wife, anyway.
  • 2 4 4 4 8, crap! Thanks, forks!
  • Level 10. 15490. At this point, the game says "You know what, let's stop being fair."
  • level 10, 12625. DAMN YOU FORKS!