May 13, 2004

MonkeyView photo server. Just a bunch of other people's photos. Even more fun than random google images, if you're into that sort of thing.
  • klausness, this is the second time this has happened. Suggest you look into it. Doesn't seem to occur with anybody else's posts.
  • Sometimes the server is slow, and you think your post hasn't gone through, so people repost. In the first few months, when the server was very slow, repeated posts happened almost every day. I tend to just assume the post might have gone through, and go and refresh the main page to check. Actually, this should probably be in bugs, or tracicle's blog, but it happens that if I don't preview a comment, it will stall this way. I have to refresh the page to find out if it has posted. Of course, that is just more incentive to use the preview.
  • When the server was doing that weird pausing thing after posting, with a blank page, I quickly learned the rule never repost. If it's such a fantastic post, and you don't want to lose it in your browser just in case, save the text to notepad and wait half an hour. It's kinder to monkeys, and very professional to boot. Yay!
  • Yeah, but reposting 45 minutes later? And the last time klausness self-doubleposted it was, what, 3 or so hours later? Something weird is going on, and I think it's at the k's end. This is not an attack on the k in any way, shape, or form. Something to do with hitting "refresh" maybe?
  • Yeah, I definitely didn't repost. As Wolof point out, the last time this happened, the duplicate appeared a few hours after I'd first posted. Odd.
  • Apparently MoFi hates you, klausness. I'll shift this thread over to the dump and keep the other one open. Are you using a weird browser, do you have normal cookie settings, are you in fact an alien?
  • Here's a thought: could this happen if you hit the browser's back button after posting? I do use the back button a lot -- could backtracking over a post submission cause an inadvertent reposting? My browser is IE (Mac version). On preview, maybe tracicle's right and MoFi just hates me. But I'm not an alien. Really.
  • Hey, let's keep this one, and add that comment from... uh... forksclovetofu!
  • neat, it's off of the main page, but shows up in the sidebar. Wheeeee!
  • Or maybe President Turkmenbashi is responsible for the double posts...
  • I'll switch to using IE on the Mac for a while *shudders involuntarily* and see if anything weird happens. I use the back button all the time; to be honest I doubt that's it -- unless you accidentally hit the "refresh" button in the process.
  • One comment for the original post, eleven for the deleted version... there must be a deeper meaning here somewhere...
  • Your antennae are showing. :) I did, for the record, enjoy your post. Maybe I should say that on the other one instead.
  • Actually, I know that the number of comments doesn't necessarily correltate with the goodness of a post. And there's something kind of amusing about having an ever-expanding secret version of the original post. Also, those aren't antennae. It's just, um, a bad haircut.
  • *looks left, looks right* /me slips klausness ze invfomation . . *disappears into foggy night*