May 09, 2004

Could I see some ID? Sure, I shamelessly stole the link from That Other Site, but this is almost as addictive as Hot or Not.
  • I've never understood at all, mostly because I know exactly how immature I am, but people always think I'm 6-10 years older than I am. Made turning 21 disappointing. I'm never carded.
  • Wow. One 33 year old didn't look a day over 20. Other than that, I had a fairly good strike rate. If I didn't have such a short fuse, I could work as a bouncer! For myself, I spent my late teens and early twenties with people assuming I was a good 5 - 10 years older than I am. I seem to have caught up, though. (Not, I might add, that being a 19 year old who looks 25 is a bad thing).
  • I'd be curious to know what people said about me. When I'm wearing glasses (which generally coincides with the days I look most haggard, since I never wear them unless my eyes are too goddamn tired to put up with contacts), I never get carded for anything. When I'm not, I get asked which high school I'm currently attending. I'm also, strangely enough, really fucking good at this. I wasn't more than two or three years off on any of them. I'm surprised.
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