May 01, 2004

Remember Mold-A-Rama? These popular souvenir machines from the sixties and seventies are still around...Collectors abound...some are even popping up on eBay.Feeling nostalgic? You can even buy your very own vintage Mold-A-Rama machine!
  • Sweet post. A few months ago I ran across a plastic brontosaurus I'd gotten at the zoo when I was a kid. I guess they were popular at zoos. [derail] Why did the term "brontosaurus" fall out of fashion? No one seems to use it anymore.
  • i.f.u.-- I think theterm was supplanted by new, more scientific nomenclature: "Allosaurus". Dr. Z: Seems like you've been gone a mighty long time. All is well? Superb post, by the way...
  • I didn't know Mold-A-Rama machines were so prevalent until after I came across these pages. I thought they only had them in zoos. Remember how they had little holes in the bottom and you had to blow in them to help them cool. I didn't know brontosaurus was out of fashion and I need to know more. What are they called these days? I have clearly not been watching enough of the Discovery channel.
  • OH GOD! that green dinosaurus thingie on the front page? i made one of those in a mold-a-rama machine at the museum of science and industry in chicago and put it in the back window of my dad's 1968 brown cadillac when i was 10 years old and of course it was the summertime and it was so hot IT MELTED into the radio speakers! lordy, dad was pissed. it just totally disappeared.
  • Thanks, Dizzy. Between finishing the last production of the season, wrapping up the semester, writing final exams and dealing with all of the bullshit of academia, I haven't had much free time.
  • I lived in Chicago for a couple of grade school years and must have collected dozens of those things over the years. They were just 50 cents then though. Usually in my care they lasted about a week, but that was okay because my parents were always taking us to the museums, so I was able to restock. Anybody know why they are so prevalent in Chicago?
  • hell yeah... mold-a-rama is the shit! i got a few last summer at the milwaukee county zoo. not so cool when they melt in your car's leather seats, though. ;)