April 30, 2004

Remember when the French made that baby sing?

Jordy sang "Dur Dur D'
  • does anybody have an mp3? maybe i will check the p2p. i don't remember this at all. did he hit it in the USA?
  • I think he at least got in the Top 100 in the US. I heard it when I was in middle school (so it must have been on bad pop radio stations) and the memory has somehow never left me.
  • >>Remember when the French made that baby sing? no. that sounds like some kind of weird existential question.
  • does anybody have an mp3? Yeah, here it is. it's in English though. I can't find the french version.
  • Hey - that's really catchy. Good producing can make a good (if somewhat inane) song out of repeditive baby babble.
  • *covers nose*
  • Thanks McSly. Doesn't it kind of feel like there is some subliminal message there? Monkeyfilter: It's so tough to be a baby
  • YES! Vive Jordy! I've posted the entire album at this site so you can hear all the great tracks, like the one about his girlfriend, and the Thumb Sucking Dance. Enjoy!