April 30, 2004

''Gadzooks!'' he exclaimed on seeing the work in progress. ''Why have you given me a great schonk?'' Other works by Stuart Pearson found here
  • I thought it was rather a nice picture, though the combination of a bluebottle and a plant suggests Prince Charles more than his father!
  • I'd just like to say that you get a much better picture of this ... uh ... picture in the UK newspapers - the detail of his skin is quite incredible. Great portrait (IMHO), full of wit.
  • A rather nice painting, if I may say so.
  • I like this...and the artist's other work in the second link. In some cases the distortions are striking, while in others they're deceptively subtle.
  • This April 30th celebrate oversized body parts with monkeyfilter!
  • I like this, too. Its the first time Prince Phillip has ever looked vaguely human to me.
  • That would be the deceptive quality of art then - Prince Phillip is far from human. I like the painting a lot - but the man's a bit of a walking embaressment at times. Also, I would have picked this as my official portrait to show that I have a sense of humour and real dignity.
  • but the man's a bit of a walking embarrassment at times. A bit? Thats the understatement of all time.