April 30, 2004

Ladies and Gentlemen, start your livers! Tomorrow is National Homebrew Day and to honor what should be, after Oktoberfest, one of our premiere national holidays, homebrewers from across the nation will be taking part in the Big Brew.

Home brewing is one hell of a fine hobby: first, it is a hobby that can command very little of your time and money, or very much of your time and money, with no concomitant increase/decrease in enjoyment; second, the variety and quality of homebrewed beer dwarfs that available in stores, and it's cheaper, too! and lastly, the satisfaction of pouring yourself a fresh, delicious beer (note: that's not me, that's some dude from Texas) that you've seen to from grain to glass cannot be underestimated. I brew, and so does the lovely and perspicacious steelcube, I believe - you should too! It really can be a religious experience, as well as a patriotic one. Hoist a tankard tomorrow! And today. And every day.

  • That's a hell of a lot of links there Fes. There goes my afternoon. Thanks.
  • I brew, and I'm having a nice fresh weizen right now. I didn't know tomorrow was Homebrew Day, but I am bringing 2 kegs of my own to my good friends' wedding party. Thanks for the links, Fes.
  • Great post. Cheers.