April 30, 2004

The world's highest Maypole has been stolen! On the eve of May Day, the vile thieves want beer as ransom.

local officials say, "We cannot explain it. Staff were told to protect the pole as it if was their own eyeballs."

  • This has the stink of Jim Loy all over it. He absconded with the Helsinki TallThing just days ago, and if memory serves, last month the Inuit Pavillion in Cartilage, Alaska, was robbed of three of its sacred totem poles. Now this. Just what could he be planning?
  • most. awesome. ransom. ever.
  • The maypole is found!
  • Heh. That comment was meant for the Rasputin schlong thread. Dammit.
  • Nice one, unusual.
  • !!!!!! Bastards!
  • Watch out flagpole. Your next.
  • Hmm...a tall tale.
  • I am amused by their misfortune
  • ...misfortune... Do ye hear a man is run over every day in Glasgow? Well, don't believe it! No man could put up with that. Extremely hoary old chestnut; just be glad I didn't give it ye in the Gaelic.
  • lord we're phallic around here today.
  • Monkeyfilter: Phriday Phallic Phun!
  • Bloody amateurs. They didn't demand Sachertorte!
  • Me for Sachertorte! If it ain't got chocolate...