April 30, 2004

An Index Of 5000 FREE Corporate Logo Downloads. Did I mention they were FREE?

(it was this or one about a guy who sells his wife's wedding dress on e-bay...)

  • That wedding dress link sounds interesting Dizzy, I think tracicle wouldn't mind an extra post today, since it's probably a great link! ;)
  • Y'know, when she said one post a day I don't think she meant it was obligatory... Heh heh.
  • I don't know why, but that site is oddly fascinating...just clicking randomly to see logos that I am familiar with...strange...almost hypnotic.
  • Wow. This is just... great. What davidmsc said. Also, a parodists resource of supreme goodness. How much did you say they cost, again? Cali, you weren't around for the horrible, bleak time when Diz didn't post for ages. Some lame excuse about real life, or something. The hollow-eyed sense of loss, the feeble grasping for an imitation of joy... it was like some post-nuclear wasteland, or something. Just felt wrong, y'know?
  • What can I say? I'm a content-provider: I search relentlessly for content. I scoop the content up. I provide it to others. Content Provider!
  • I only tease the ones I love, flashboy. Surely Dizzy understands.
  • I only tease the ones I love Oh yeah?.. That's what... that's what... HITLER would have said! There. Ha.
  • there was a guy selling his wife's wedding dress on ebay? do tell!
  • Hey guys! This guy? He got divorced, you know? And y'know what? He's selling his - get this - he's selling his ex-wife's dress . . . on . . oh.
  • This is very very good.