April 29, 2004

The Camel Toe Report Funnier than it probably should be. The last one on this page is my favorite. NSFW
  • *puts on nasely teenage girl voice* EWWWWWWWWWW! (yes nasely isn't a word, yes screw you)
  • Dear sweet Jebus, I love you Weezel! /drunk, laughing
  • we were just discussing this last weekend : [Boo's friend] http://www.cameltoe.com/elvis.jpg [booradley] heh, extreme elvis rules [Boo's friend] hehe [Boo's friend] what a horrible image [booradley] you should see his nekkid shots [Boo's friend] *shudder* [booradley] on his back, pudgy litte dork straining to free itself from his greasy folds, urine gurgling up like a fountain at versaillies [Boo's friend] you horrible bastard
  • Man...can't....escape...Tron guy. On a related note, this was predicted in the original /. posting of a few weeks back.
  • From Argh's link: "Dishwasher and microwave safe." Oh my. Oh jeez. The possibilities just open out before one, eh?
  • Scirus should have a look at that last photo. He would be so proud. *wistful sniff*
  • This one is my favorite. Although this page made me laugh to beat the band. *he. he.*