April 29, 2004

Cryptozoology, or ? The knowledge of Animal Anomalies. Are they real or not? Strange reports and glimpses of hidden and mysterious creatures for the inquisitive to ponder in this modern bestiary.
  • I'd say Big Cats are certainly roaming the UK, although they're not really that weird or mythical, just out of place. I saw what I think was some sort of Panther type animal with cubs in a field in Minehead, it was quite chilling as there were houses and a school nearby. Apparently there is also an Orangutan living in an English woods somewhere. Never heard of this freakish beast but I'd love to see it: 'Owlman': "...I saw a monstrous man/bird 'thing'. It was the size of a man, with a ghastly face, a wide mouth, glowing eyes and pointed ears. It had huge clawed wings and was covered in feathers of silver/grey colour. The thing had long bird legs which terminated in large black claws. It saw me and arose, 'floating towards me. I just screamed then turned and ran for my life."
  • I disagree with the prefix "crypt" but the site is cool. I like the "Blue Tiger" story. That'd make a good username. hmmmm.
  • For those of you who are really interested, go and study at the cryptozoology department of Birmingham University (UK)! via NTK
  • here's a bizarre event from the animal kingdom: Eagle takes off with bear cub
  • I don't know why so unanticipated by the observers, since some small creatures such as hares or herons which are more usual eagle food would weigh about that much. Most predators are opportunists.
  • strange. i run a small computer lab for my grad department... all of the systems are named after some sort of man-beast or other. sasquatch, bigfoot, wendigo, yoser, yeti, yowie. if we ever get more systems in that room at least i now know where to look for more names - i was running out of ideas!
  • I like the fact that Bagpuss is talking about large cats...