April 29, 2004

The largest banana museum in the world.
  • Holy Crap! )))))
  • the bride! the bride holding the banana bouquet! yikes!
  • wow. makes me want honeycomb cereal for some reason. Must be the feathered hair. Nice find baby! ) has anyone ever noticed that a banana looks a lot like . . nevermind
  • Well, I've got my weekend plans. I wonder if they have a research library for banana scholars like us...
  • I think we have a responsibility to buy this. If not now, then when? If not us, then who? Not even one bid?
  • If not here, then where? If not because, then... why?? The number one question asked everywhere is WHAT IS THE BANANA CLUB? It's true! It's true!
  • I've been there. Ken 'Bananaster' Banister is quite a character; I can't believe he's selling his 30-year enterprise! Now, if we just got $75 from every MonkeyMember... or if we get to 2000 in the next 6 days, it'll only be $37.50... Shotsy, the Banana Museum does have a Book Section. And the First Rule of Banana Club is: Don't Blog About the Banana Club.
  • mmmmmmmmmmm, baby, I just love your Big Banana . . . Museum.
  • Wonder how many banana museums one nation can hold. This one's in Washington State, which means two out of the 50 have 'em, but are there any more out there? Any outside the USA?
  • does the one in my mind count? *stares into space, listens to muzak*
  • Here's another.
  • Hooray for Australia, and the most photographed object therein! Let's Bite the Big Banana!