April 29, 2004

The following is a text that North Korea's dear leader Kim Jong-Il asked Yong-Hae Chang Heavy Industries to present. Dialectical sex and gender is not just one of my intellectual passions. It is also a national priority.
  • Great stuff. Let me reiterate that Young-Hae Chang is by far the most exciting artist whom I'm seen taking advantage of digital media. That didn't come out well. I'll try again: This stuff is amazing, and unequaled anywhere else on the internet.
  • Ace.
  • Sorry to be an idiot, but, uhh... Kim Jong-Il didn't really ask Y-HCHI to present that, right? It seems like a joke, because it's a flash cartoon and stuff. However, I've read that he does surf the internet quite a bit, and that he's also into -- perish the thought -- freaky kinky sex with all sorts of freaky kinky people.
  • Wedge, I couldn't tell you for sure, but I personally doubt there's anything official going on here. Not that the thought didn't cross my mind—no idiocy here.
  • all sorts of freaky kinky people. Hey, don't pick on my pantsuit!
  • Does anyone know anything about the music that accompanies the text? It's awesome!
  • Nina Simone. Don't know the name of the track, though.
  • See-Line Woman. Don't know what a see-line is, though.
  • wedge, you can tell that isn't real because at several points the text refers to how rough things are in north korea. they never NEVER NEVER EVER would say ANYTHING even HINTING at that. considering there are two north korean posts today, this story i did awhile back on the central news agency might be of interest...
  • the blue version. Lick Bush in '04! woooo!
  • Well, crap. I thought to search mofi, but not here.
  • No biggie PF, it's not a rule that Metafilter posts that end up here as well are considered double posts. In fact, that's very much not the case. Many, including myself in this instance, don't catch the links in the blue and it's nice to find them here.
  • Be sure to check out her home page for more tasty treats. If nothing else, see her amazing credits. Oh my yes, this is good.
  • Thanks for the credits, zedediah (and for the post, PF!). Man does she have great taste; oddly enough, I judge this not from the use of Miles, Monk, Duke, &c. -- anybody could toss in the classics -- but from Grant Green and Duke Jordan, who you have to be fairly hip to know about. But then, I can't be impartial about Young-Hae Chang after she included me in Metablast. How often do you get the chance to be part of Aht with a capital Ah?
  • Grant Green very tasty.
  • A previous monkeyfilter post about Young-Hae Chang. Not a double post callout - I think every one of her poems should be given their own thread personally - just thought people might be interested.
  • It's good, too.