April 29, 2004

Make Your Own Soda! Stick It To The Soft Drink Cartels! Impress Your Friends This Summer! It is easy as pie and the neighbor kids will love it!
  • Sweet! I'm SO going to do this sooner or later. I wonder what kind of ingredients you would use to experiment in the flavoring process..?
  • You might try here.
  • Thanks, Bees!
  • it's caffeine-free, though, eh? that's the only reason i drink the stuff!
  • I'm sure the innards of a few caffeine pills added to the mix could solve that?
  • There's no yeast in coke is there?
  • My husband and his brother are homebrewers, and recently made some ginger beer. It tasted like Reed's, only better. Heavenly stuff. Now I'm thirsty.
  • banana soda! go on, i dare you!
  • coke is in coke shotsy. Or it was anyway.
  • ...but there is no pepper in Dr. Pepper.
  • Well, there used to be, but they replaced it with crayon.
  • That would explain the lumps...
  • Coca cola still contains extract from the coca leaves; they are one of the only companies in America that has a license to import the stuff. obviously, it's de-drugged before added.... OR IS IT?
  • I have felt a bit... energetic since lunch. anybody know where i could score some more? the coke machine? brilliant!
  • I want a real COKE (tm), not some yeasty imitation! Of course, getting my hands on coca leaves and cola nuts could take a bit of doing...
  • But does it go with Pop Tarts?
  • L-Hat; Pop-Tarts, those essential alabaster slabs chock full o' niacin and white flour have been used as currency by some primitive societies for thousands of years. Pop-Tarts can be eaten chaud or froid, with stuff layered on top or solo, in the poshest of four-star boites to the lowest shanty. They are truly the perfect complement to every meal. Thus, EVERYTHING goes with Pop-Tarts. But everyone already KNOWS this!
  • Check out the main site, eh? So, in case of nuclear attack or deadly pandemic, you'll still be able to drink your sugary drinks.