April 28, 2004

Innocence is the sequal to one of the best anime movies ever made. It was among the first to combine computer rendered graphics with traditional cell frame animation. The work that's put into these two movies was/is incredible and makes for some of the most beautiful animation you'll ever see.
  • have you seen the trailers for the new appleseed movie?
  • No - is it a sequal to the original? Do you have a link?
  • Yes. I do.
  • Thanks, Boo!
  • also what the heck is this?? Any japanese speaking monkeys?
  • It all becomes clear when you run it through babelfish. "The master the unique large compilation which E who produces great effect on the SF boundary after eighties shoots. Myth of the immortal love where in the stage, God and the human weave near future New York and form is drawn. As for starring new star R Hardy and, ' pianist of battlefield. The blade runner ' and ' fifth element ' it does to become drunk from the visual image which even starting point can be said the way." DUH! It looks pretty cool, though. Nice graphics.
  • Ah, that film... here's the page for theImmortal, a french film based on Enki Bilal's graphic novellas. In french, though. But much easier to decode than japanese, imho. There's a nice, big trailer there, too.
  • I want release dates! And I want them now! Here, bananas for you all.
  • Monkeyfilter: It does to become drunk from the visual image