April 25, 2004

Stand Up and Holla!! An uber-essay contest! Share your entry in the comments.
  • whoops, forgot to mention this is via the everlasting blort!
  • ...who blatantly peeled it off the front page at that other site.
  • oops! i meant to link here!
  • Dang! I need to be checkin MeFi More.mefi mo? HAha quonset_the_hut, that teh funny shiat.
  • So, uh, what IS the deal with needing the voter registration card? Huh? Anyone? Is it (cue conspiratorial music) so they can screen out the politically unfit? Quon___, your entry wins a banana! (I'll bet the Mefi spell check had a case of the vapors as you posted)
  • voter registration card: we've had them as long as i can remember here in michigan, you register to vote, you get a little card with your name and your designated polling precinct (where you go to vote). i don't think they serve much purpose beyond directing you to the right precinct here in michigan, since you don't need it to actually vote. instead we fill out a little "application to vote" card with our name, address and birthdate, which is checked against a master list of voters registered in the precinct, and then our name gets marked off the list and we are directed to a voting machine. the card eventually becomes just another chunk of wallet ballast.
  • Monkeyfilter: writing inspirational essays for the Rupublicans. Am I the only one who finds this slightly off-beat from our usuall liberal agenda?
  • I'd luvta riteya n essa, bt, I'ma oneah dem critters frm anotha cuntreh dubya!
  • Holla?! WTF??! too bad i'm 25, because i'd really love to hate on those playaz.
  • Upon reviewing MeFi, I retract my question. Hale Dubya!
  • As humorous as your real link was, quons, I'm pretty sure you were trying to tell us something with the first one, hhmmmmm. Do you have a secret to share?;)