April 23, 2004

Thirty years ago today Michael O'Brien set the public stage for exhibitionists everywhere. Thanks Australia for thirty years of laughter and mothers covering their children's eyes.
  • should be SFW ...er I hope.
  • Not my work! Ack!
  • Stupid kids! *shakes fist angrily*
  • Gotta love it! At the very least, one good reason to tune in to sports. Also, I hope Vodaphone was kind enough to pay Brett Muttons $3500 fine given the publicity it gave them.
  • ....uh, I meant '...given the publicity he gave them.'
  • and if you don't like to run, you can always ride your bike. [NSFW... sorry, i'm not crediting where i found this because i've since forgotten. shame on me!]
  • Naked bike riding looks a bit painful if you don't have a very padded seat.
  • *crosses legs*