April 17, 2004

Music from John Hughes Movies By and large, it's not my cup of tea; but who could resist the lure of "Holiday Roohhhahhaaaahhooohhaahhoooahhooooaahhhooooad; Holiday Rooohhhooooaaaahhohhhahhaahhooooaahd!"
  • Boy, that sure takes me back. I was really into some of that music.
  • Me too. In the summer of 84, fresh out of undergrad with zero prospects but a mad passion for Becky in Berkeley, I moved up there from USC for a couple of months to figure out what I was gonna be when I grew up. My first job was working as an usher-- I saw "16 Candles" at least 75 times. I got paid for it. But 75 times!!! "Temple of Doom" came next. Saw that one about 125 times ("Indeeeeeeeeeeee!!!) Knew I couldn't be a pro usher; moved to NYC and finally grad school... And Becky from Berkeley? We'll celebrate our 15th year wedding anniversary this September.
  • Summer of '84 was truly a good one. Great story, Dizzy.
  • Oh, yuck. That music brings up a horrible time of teenage anxiety and misanthropy. But it was kind of cool to see that someone compiled that crap somewhere. And your written description of 'holiday road' hit the nail on it's head. The long dead song sang to me as I read it. Nice post, sir, and the anxious teenage misanthrope in me says: 'you're a jerk'.
  • Right back atcha, dickweed. i keed! i keed!
  • I was watching Go, some Tarantinoesque teen flick on TV last night, and one of the main characters kept saying, "Answer the question, Claire!" It was great, moreso because my husband -- who is the same age as me -- was really ashamed that he recognised it from The Breakfast Club as well. I think I've forced him to sit through it a few too many times. And, of course, Simple Minds rocked the eighties.
  • Melts into a huge puddle of nostalgia. * glunk * Hey tracicle, were you watching "Go?". Cuz that's one of my faaavorite movies and Todd the Drug Dealer keeps saying it to be creepy.
  • Ok, I guess I was just an angsty teen, because I loved the Hughes flicks. Coincidentally, I spent the last week or so flipping through my collections for all the songs in Sixteen Candles that I had. Yes, I'm a sad, sad man... And I liked Go too, but more for the soundtrack. That Esthero tune is awesome.
  • Yeah, Kimberly, it was on TV -- saw the ad and thought it looked pretty good, and it was. Missed the first fifteen minutes though so when everything came together at the end I was slightly more confused than I think I should have been. :) I was thinking of trying to find a copy of the soundtrack too, surlyboi.
  • My Other Fave Eighties Flick: Cameron Crowe's "Say Anything". I WAS that dude, man. (...or at least I desperately wanted to be. Cusack gives the most honest performance of his life. And the Gabriel soundtrack--cry my eyes out every time...)
  • you're such a GIRL, diz.
  • I prefer the term "Sensitive New-Age Male". Great. I'm all out of Kleenex. I hate my mother.
  • Hughes used two different versions of the song Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want in two different movies. The Pain. The Pain.
  • Dizzy-- I always heard it as "Sensitive New Age Guy", or SNAG
  • Zed; Thanks for the correction--and I lurve that song! I'll be in my trailer, journaling...