April 17, 2004

See your name in nudes! Lights? Feh! What could be more appealing than one's name spelled out by the limber and scantily clad? [NSFW, obviously]
  • Never looked so good before!
  • And I thought my name wasn't sexy enough.
  • Actually, this is quite tame. But with the workplace of today being what it is, I guess this could be considered not safe for work.
  • I think this would make an excellent "BUSH '04" bumper sticker.
  • Re the site name, is "petardas" anything to do with "joints" ("reefers") in Spanish? /curious Zemat
  • Incidentally, you can send GET requests to have it produce names from links, eg http://www.petardas.com/pornonombre/index.php?cadena=Monkeybashi
  • It's a slang from Spain for easy women. But it's used mostly to insult. Just like 'slut'.
  • And, yes, it was also used for hand rolled joints.
  • By the way, I'm starting to consider the timestamps on crack as a feature of MoFi.
  • rodgerd, you made my evening. :)
  • I just love spanish. POOOOORNONOMBBBBRE!
  • Naked Text is a site where you can get your message scrawled across the bodies of underfunded college students for mere pennies. What better way to send a message to that special someone.