April 17, 2004

Sophie Crumb Is As Crazy As Her Father. (Thank God!)
  • Diz: I'm neck deep in this site, but I wanted to take a break to tell you THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I had NO idea that Sophie was cartooning... or that she was cartooning at such an astonishing level! This stuff is brill! Plus there's a ton of other stuff, including lotsa music DL's on the main page... GREAT FIND!
  • Yeah, thanks Dizzy! Did you know Sophie did Enid's sketches in the movie version of Ghost World? That's when I first heard she was in the family business. I'm almost ashamed to admit my source for the information--Jane magazine.
  • M-MaN; Are you kidding? Jane is THE ONLY MAGAZINE I read! Check out the Kate Winslet make-over on this month's cover! And all those sensible solutions for sensitive skin! Poz Jane-A-Riffic!
  • the one about the bear is scary. and yet, after reading a number of other independent comics, i can't help but think this is some of the less 'sick' and 'crazy' stuff! those independent comic people are really depraved. (thanks for the link)
  • Talking of fucked up comics... Maggots, by Lightning Bolt drummer Brian Chippendale. There's apparently 3000 pages of this somewhere. Maybe one or two of them make sense.
  • well, there went that 30 minutes. glad i clicked this on a day when i have a huge period of time in which to do nothin'!
  • A very interesting link, but, well, I don't really think on this showing she is as 'crazy' as her father. Nor as original; or as talented (or remotely as hard-working) at drawing. I feel a bit mean for saying so; but the site and the work itself do rather invite the comparison.
  • uh, Pleg? She's 21; most of this was done between 19 and 20. Have you seen Crumb's stuff at 21? On a par, at least.
  • I love you, Forky!
  • um... just in case it didn't come out right - i meant that was a good waste of 30 minutes...