April 16, 2004

Contiki isn't just any multitasking operating system. The good old Commodore 64 was the target platform for the first port. It comes complete with multitasking, a basic Windows-like GUI, Internet connectivity, and best of all, a web browser and server. Here are some screenshots. Open source.
  • My first post. Don't hurt me.
  • I love it. *plugs fat cable into C64* Welcome!
  • Very interesting, nil. Been using the OffByOne browser, which is far bigger than Contiki, and which I find can be helpful for hunting text on cluttered sites. Think I may download this one, too, thanks. [Plus banana]
  • Ah, you never forget your first time... *cough* [sheds a tear for good ole' ChickenLips... the C64, I mean]
  • Nice! [banana]