April 14, 2004

Old Tin Can (.mov) Awesome song, creepy video. I know nothing more about it.
  • that's great! I love the old Fleischer cartoons. Some of the images came from Cab Calloway (or Calloway-ish) songs I think.
  • Certainly sounds like Tom Waits. I'm sure someone else will be able to verify this. Excellent stuff.
  • The ghost figure is from a Betty Boop cartoon set to Cab's "Minnie the Moocher." The ghost was rotoscoped from film of Cab dancing and singing the tune. You can see it here. The site that first link comes from has lotsa cool info on the Boop cartoons.
  • Very nice! Some of those skeletons belong to Disney, I think. It's amazing what animators were capable of before the Hayes code forced them to draw fluffy little bunnies and their kin.
  • I love seeing all the layers in the first pan, as it really demonstrates the technology of the day that allowed them to accomplish the sense of depth.
  • Wonderful links, each one merits a banana! boop boop a doop
  • Yes--Bestest Postest So Far This Week!
  • This is Morris Tepper. He's associated with Captain Beefheart and has supported PJ Harvey on tours. He's got a cult following among the crowd into that vibe, and I think he's pretty good.
  • Yeah, I checked out the samples on his website (which coincidentally hosts this video) and thought they were pretty good too. I like Old Tin Can better than the rest, though.