April 14, 2004

Sometimes somebody figures out exactly what the internet is for. I present, for consideration by the academy, Cat Town. Start by meeting the cast. Then watch all the nail-biting episodes!
  • Well, actually, everyone knows the internet is "for sharing porn and bitching about movies"... but this is the silliest/funniest/best use for crazy cat pictures ever. You have to listen to the radio episode - it's about pie.
  • Also found the source for the most of the original photos, a CATPRIN, a tailor for cats.
  • Yes! I couldn't remember the name. Thanks, J.
  • But I can't find the evil Master Villan of the Animal Hat Gang or Easily Startled #1. They seem to be from the same place, but may be the costumes aren't offered any more.
  • Sometimes somebody figures out exactly what the internet is for. Porn?
  • Easily Startled #1 is modeling "Marie." I can't find the Animal Hat ringleader, either.
  • Holy fuck, that's the best thing I've seen in ages. Amazing, amazing link. What I particularly like is that it's the same damn cats wearing different stupid outfits. The animal hat gang rocks my world, although the sailor guy/important businessman has a really screwed up head and ears. The whole thing is just too hilarious for words. BANANA!
  • Important Businessman is almost certainly a Scottish Fold.
  • Indeed, Cat Town seems loaded with Scottish Folds.
  • it would be cute if they hadn't ganked the photos from someone else's business site. really... i wonder if they asked permission to use them...?
  • t r a c y : I forgive them - they took a crazy, somewhat cat abusive business and made it into beautiful art. Or some kind of art. All in the name of fair use - and hey, it's advertising.
  • tmb48: thank you. This is the funniest damn thing I've seen all week.
  • I've got yer cat pic post right here It's the embedded quicktime movie. Apologies if you get pop ups. (maybe you won't, I use Firebird so I never see 'em, but the page looks like the sort that would force them on you) The site I originally saw this at has exceeded it monthly bandwidth. PS. If you are at all sentimental about these evil beasties you should probably just move on. Suffice to say the cat in this movie will never have to worry about being photographed wearing a stupid hat.