April 14, 2004

Genesis of Parodies Original cartoon series by creationists. Their parodies. [Via Panda's Thumb]
  • "Dinosaurs were originally created 'very good', but became terrible lizards because of Man's sin." Right! So now, on top of everything else, the entire bloody Cretaceous Era is my fault is it? Really these are beyond parody.
  • uh... what kind of message was that first cartoon that was parodied supposed to give? the progression from naive younster through college (note "liberal U" shirt) and then into adulthood? is it telling us that, as people get an education, they learn to call bullshit when bullshit ought to be called? that almost doesn't even need to be parodied. they did leave out the final panel though... the one where the dude who tossed away the bible is on his deathbed, and is reading it again, saying "better safe than sorry!" i know so many older relatives who suddenly got religion when they hit a certain age - don't know if it's the social aspect of going to church every week with their friends (even if just to get out of the house) or a genuine fear of dying, but who knows. guess i'll find out for myself when i hit 80 or so.