April 12, 2004

Sniper rifle launches GPS chips for tracking A Danish company has announced a new non-lethal sniper rifle -- instead of firing bullets, it fires a projectile loaded with a GPS tracking chip. It can be used for "tagging" people, who can later be tracked down and arrested for crimes. Anyone else get the heebie-jeebies? Via Slashdot
  • This is the root domain. According to this and a couple of other hints from Slashdot, it appears to be a parody. Thank God. FOR NOW.
  • Oops... This.
  • This is a prank. They did a story about it on NPR yesterday. A couple of Danes put together realistic looking promotional materials (not a real weapon) and went to a weapons symposium in China. There were a few interested people. The French were skeptical. And the Chinese suggested that is human rights concerns got in the way of production the Danes could set up shop in Chinese soil. But the weapon is not real, nor is the project to develop it.
  • From the perp's hype-laden home page: Weapons that shoots microchips into the bodies of innocent civilians. Yes, so much scarier than weapons that shoot mere bullets into the bodies of innocent civilians. *roll eyes*
  • We-ell, Goetter, if such a product were to exist, then I'm sure that the Government would have much less scruples about firing it at said innocent civillian than an actual gun. Less dangerous physically, yeah, but much more damaging on civil freedoms.
  • I'm sure of very little, Blaise, other than that all bleeding eventually stops.
  • Apart from for haemophiliacs.
  • ...with infinite blood.
  • We must stop the infinite-blooded haemophiliacs NOW! They're flooding our country! Staining our sofas! Give them an on-the-spot fine and send them to Guantanamo now...
  • Bloody haemophiliacs.
  • I looked at the link before reading the comments and I thought the guy in the crosshairs kind of gave it away. Also it supports far too many platforms to be real. Now had the only supported platform been Win 3.11 for workgroups...
  • No, we should lock them up, and then give them a Citizenship Test. And charge them for it. Bloody leakies.
  • Well sure it's a hoax, but now they're thinkin' of it. * puts on tinfoil hat *
  • Okay, so this is my second post to MoFi which has turned out to be a hoax. Dammit. I guess I need to start taking everything with a grain of salt. And a shot of cockpunch with a beer chaser
  • 'Smart bullet' reports back wirelessly A "smart bullet" that can be fired at a target and then wirelessly transmit back useful information has been developed by US researchers. The projectile, created at the University of Florida in Gainesville, US, is 1.7 centimetres in diameter can be fired at from an ordinary paint-ball gun. The front is coated in an adhesive polymer that sticks it to the target.