April 06, 2004

Hot mechanical soccer action Not yet Transformers-grade, but they're getting close. Fascinating videos of the Robovie-M 'Team Osaka' robots. I can picture them in a couple years, cladded in shiny plastic, under many Xmas trees... Plus, check the link for a Powerpoint presentation with some more info.
  • I haven't watched the videos yet (And I don't have powerpoint on my computer), so I might be mistaking the tone of this post - maybe its some hot robo porn or something... Robot World Cup: an interesting article about the ultimate Robotics aim - beating Brazil at football. When I was at university before (in 96/97, at a decent University which I got kicked out of, not he rubbish one I'm currently at) the robotics department was always going on about the aim of the creating a robot football team which could beat humans. Man I love robotics, and roboticists, or whatever they should be called.
  • Well, just so you all don't get unrealistic expectations, they're 1)worksafe, 2) not yet ready to rival Beckham... ar any human, at all. Still, their movements are more realistic, in their own mechanical way, than those of the 'MiniCooper robot' ad.
  • Very cool! They look like little mechanical monkeys.
  • Yowzers. Can I have one, mom, huh? Can I?
  • Walking Stretching Balancing with one leg Side stepping Shoot Bowing Waiving hands Defencing
  • I'm loving the recent robot links. The only problem is whenever I see something like this, the earlier Mini Cooper/robot conversion hoax makes me suspicious. I still want my own Gundam, though.
  • Transformerrific, flagpole! {Giant Robanana} I was saving this for an FPP, but wotthehell: The new VW Transformer (video clip) (The manufacturer)
  • Here, the hugest banana I could get!
  • Gundamn, schmundam. I want a Mortarhead. Helluva betrothal gift.
  • I was impressed by the video of the handstand. This is some incredible stuff! I'd like to know how much of it is preprogrammed sequences of movements (like most assembly line robots) and how much of it is actually reacting to environmental feedback, like whether it's about to fall over or where the ball is. [banana that mechanically transforms into two smaller bananas]