December 05, 2003

Evolving Alphabets [note: java] A program called The Alphabet Synthesis Machine allows you to create your own language, letting it evolve based on some user-defined parameters.
  • Damn! I can post properly, really!
  • Damn! I can post properly, really! But once you start, you can't stop.
  • Stepself, that was the coolest.
  • That site was really cool. One day all of you will write communitcate via the shotsian alphabet. Just wait and see!
  • I got this via Flong. Golan Levin has some pretty interesting links there, including this, just in time for the holiday season (well, 2001's holiday season, at least).
  • I'd really like to look at the code for this. I'm curious how they did the cross-breeding. I thought it would be a Punnet square setup, but it seems like that'd take to long. Too bad we can't combine Arial and Comic Sans like this.
  • Damn, but this is so @#$%ing cool! (as some of you monkeys know, a good chunk of my formal education was science and specifically anthropology. Orthographic systems and evolution of expressive culture is something I always find fascinating.) Man, finally, after 180-some posts, a reason has emerged out of the madness. I get to encounter all these posts I didn't know about. Posts before I was made monkey as it were. Admit it, isn't this part of the goal of MoFi. We've got this vast treasure trove of cool links to play about in, safe from the hurly burly of the present, with double posts and whatnot. *rests awhile in unreasonable halcyon glow of the "good ol' days"*
  • Okay, that's enough of that. After all, I still need to travel many posts before I find my original comment and post. After that, this marathon is over, I promise. Well, unless I find something else to comment on. Sigh, if only nickdanger were awake to see it all. Oh crap, I need to move the car again!
  • You done good, boy. Real good.