April 09, 2017

Can Trump read? Former SNL member Taran Killam says that it appeared to him that the President of United States could not read very well.

While this sounds a bit like fantasy, I suppose that he might have difficulty reading because of problems with his vision. I am quite confident he has the ability to read. I hope.

  • This may be the first time I have used the "more inside" feature. Well, it is at least the first time I have done it in many, many years.
  • I mean, you can kind of see it when he gives a scripted speech. The stilted, awkward way he swivels from the left-hand teleprompter to the right-hand teleprompter, never once taking his eyes from the screen. He's wooden and uncomfortable and obviously *heavily* dependent on them. It could mean he didn't rehearse the speech at all or it could mean he is unable to cope with speaking when he can't just make things up in a horrifying stream of consciousness, and has to actually read words.
  • Samanthe Bee had a completely valid conspiracy theory on this.
  • That Samantha Bee piece is great. I don't always see her show, but I always like it when I do.
    I would kill for some interviewer to come up with some organic way to have him read something or even to just make him explain something -- anything. I want to hear him explain the differences between the ACA and the bill the Republicans put forth. I want him to explain how NATO works. Anything. I just want to hear him demonstrate some knowledge of something.