March 22, 2017

Life Imitates Joke I remember hearing a joke years ago that went something like this: A guy who juggles knives in the circus gets pulled over by the police. The police are concerned that the guy has all of these weapons sitting on the passenger's seat. The guy assures the officer that the knives are not for any nefarious purpose -- they are for work. To prove to the officer that the knives are work-related, he convinces the officer by juggling them outside the car. A person in a passing car turns to her friend and says, "Wow. Those field tests for drunk driving are getting really tough!"
  • Of course, it would seem that life has been imitating jokes quite a bit lately. Arrested Development, Idiocracy...
  • I recently had to try a DWI that involved my client's brother claiming that he was actually the one driving the vehicle. Problems? 1. Brother was not on the scene when the police arrived (the case involved my client's car striking a parked car). 2. My client never mentioned that her brother was even there. 3. My client told the police officer at the hospital that she was, in fact, driving. 4. This theory would involve the brother not only leaving the scene, but leaving the scene with his injured sister still in the car.