March 08, 2017

Baby goats in pajamas! (Long version).

Baby goat triplets in sweaters!
Baby goats in coats!
The running of the goats.
A baby goat in a parka greets a pony and a donkey.
Waves of baby goats.
And bonus Lola the chihuahua puppy thinks she's a goat.

  • I don't get it, why isn't this post in Russian?
  • лень.
  • "The Nigerian Dwarf goat is a miniature dairy goat breed of West African ancestry. The original animals were transported from Africa on ships as food for captured carnivores being brought to zoos; the survivors were then maintained in herds at those zoos." Yikes! - без шуток
  • That does indeed make me want to get a goat.
    Why don't we ever see pajamas on adult rhinos or elephants? Consider this a request.