October 12, 2013

No qualms about it , big money talks, natural beauty walks - or runs rather. With high levels of radioactive radium from fracking waste water imported into Pennsylvania from out of state. Inadequately treated and summarily dumped into a beautiful, I say holy, creek now soaked through with deadly poisons. Where will it all end? The EPA cares not.

Why don't they care yet? The legislation absolving fracking water from regulation, sponsored by Dick Cheney on behalf of his cronies at Halliburton, should be long gone by now, you'd think. But no. Still here, and still irresponsibly given the force of law.

  • Fracking will be one thing future generations will consider barbaric, as well they should. Cheney's name will be just a hissing in the dark.
  • Peak oil downgrades peak water already past.