March 04, 2012

Cognitive enhancement from electrostimulation of the brain. Sounds amazing.

Her description actually reminds me a lot of the mental state I needed to be in to be any good at all at mathematics. Fantastic for problem solving when there are rules and steps to follow. It would be interesting to see if this helps people be more creative though.

  • Strangely, the instructions that came with my TENS electric stimulator, given for pain after an accident, state that the electrodes should never be applied to the head.
  • That is fascinating. Scientists have long confirmed that my brain is "perfect" (some have used words like "flawless" or "other-worldly"), but I think this could be of some use for some of you mortals out there.
  • Personally, I feel all the stimulation most Monkeys ever need is a 'wet willy.'