April 01, 2004

Worst Luck Ever [via Macphisto]
  • Yeah, I guess he should have double checked that address. Has anybody seen Ichi The Killer? (Pics might be NSFW) Towards the end is a rather compelling (and gross) scene about the dangers of indulging a rape fantasist.
  • what's the living equivalent of the Darwin award?
  • What if it had been the correct address? Could the woman have gotten him charged with rape afterward? In any case, that guy is an idiot. on preview, yeah petebest, I was thinking the same thing.
  • Sciurus: She certainly could have tried. It would be interesting, to say the least, to see what effect quite literally asking for it would have. Well, interesting from a safe distance. There's a CSI episode in that, you know.
  • april fools, wrong address!!!!
  • So - you can sign on at this 'fantasy rape' site with a female name, give a false address, and in effect, send some schmuck round to attack any woman you happen to have a grudge against?
  • Maybe he'll get that rape he's been wanting - in prison!
  • I swear to GOD, this was on NYPD Blue like three weeks ago.
  • Eww, good point Plegmund. This stuff is just too creepy.
  • Who ARE these idiots?? What is it about the interweb that brings out the weirdos?
  • Considering that the report says the woman attacked his testicles, he might squeeze by with a Darwin Award nomination. (pun intended)
  • I'm not so big on the taglines thing (particularly because MoFi doesn't have one), but BlueHorse, If ever there was one...
  • Well, if Monkeybashi ever wants to have a tagline, she's got a lot of material to work with :) I would also request this one be included: Monkeyfilter: pronounced "mag-no-me-ter"
  • et tu BlueHorse?
  • Plegmund: Ayuh. Or if you're a real rapist, you could build up a plausible defence with a paper trail of "she asked for it once on the BBS, and the next time verbally..." Or if you hate some guy, you could misdirect him and then get him charged as a rapist! If you want to indulge rape fantasies, wouldn't it be wiser - on both sides - to do it with someone you actually know and trust.
  • Exactly how is he going to prove this? I mean, anyone who sees that a rape is going all wrong and gets grabbed by the family jewels is probably got a second plan, and this defense just might be it. It's somewhat frightening that they accept the story so easily and drop the harder charges.
  • Presumably they were shown a trail of postings an crroborating evidence from the other woman in question.