January 09, 2012

Scientists make events "disappear" using "Time-holes" There's about a four-year stretch I refer to as "High School" that I'm hoping they can erase retroactively.
  • Wait. Can we do that with whatever we say here?
  • Another nice link (With an animation) via Missing Links http://blogs.scientificamerican.com/observations/2012/01/05/time-cloak-hides-very-brief-events-animation/
  • So they can only do this with very brief (micro-second-long) events... like the funny moments in "Two and a Half Men" or the glimpses of human emotion on "Jersey Shore" and "Real Housewives", the time it takes elected politicians to break their campaign promises or former politicians to get jobs at companies they supported, or the time spent creating names and logos for Social Media companies...
  • Science is cooler than fiction. Okay, not really. This doesn't really beat time travel or light sabres, but it is pretty cool nonetheless.
  • Please tell me this works with acne.
  • 'Fraid not, but I think it works with 20 dollar bills.