April 01, 2004

Owners DO resemble their dogs!
  • >>Pure-bred dogs can be matched to their owners by strangers most of the time. But the same does not hold true for mixed breed dogs let's hope not! my Widget appears to be a mixture of chihuahua, pug, schauzer and assorted terriers. hee hee. she looks nothing like me but exactly like blue dog -- even that same startled expression!
  • i was the proud caretaker of an astoundingly beautiful and elegant golden retriever for 17 years, and i didn't resemble her in any way at all. i've always looked more like any one of my cats, especially the smaller, crankier ones.
  • ooo! I was going to post this! grrr. *shakes tree branch and eeks at Gyan*
  • *flings poo back at sciurus*
  • This is really umm... interesting. How does one even come up with the idea to research this? I'd love to be at that meeting...
  • I always thought my cat & I had similar eyes, and those tabby markings around her face...VERY similar to my own. ITS SO WEIRD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • The only dogs I've ever had are boxers. I'm not sure I see the resemblence.
  • Well, I look exactly like my dog, the lovely Bunnyman. Everybody says so. I mean, you'd be amazed by how often this comes up. Just like twins, they say, just like twins. His pimp name is Vicious D. Wyatt Joker.
  • I can bow and I say, Wow! Why, it's obvious the collie and I are two of a kind! [...but wot dred kind, that is the question, chiz chiz...]
  • i've been checking in my mirror diligently and looking at my german shepherd and worrying a lot for the last two days....i'm sure my ears are growing larger and more pointed. damned subliminal suggestions!