April 09, 2011

An infinite number of monkeys with typewriters (Monkius typeriterus) . That is all.
  • I get a 403 when I click. Is there a mirror?
  • Strangely, I had no trouble seeing it before, but now it tells me *access forbidden*. How now to explain the transcendent beauty of that forbidden web page? Well, first of all, imagine a well-rendered woodcut showing the anatomy of, I think it was the heart as chiseled out by Albrecht Dürer himself... Now imagine that each chamber, each bleeding portion was connected to a series of essays. I can't swear they were all so benign as the one I read, but there it was: one woman's remembrance of being a heavy-set and humiliated little girl. That is all (I saw).
  • Well, Ikc, I see that you yourself stand close to the bleeding heart of the matter at MonkeyFilter itself... How else could your Profile, normally arranged with the most recent post at the top... how could it be that the LAST one on the list, a Curious George, bring me back here to your COMMENT?
  • Hmmm, apparently they don't like us REAL monkeys critiquing the writing...
  • Oh. Now Ikc's profile, last mentioned, links to the whole tamale, the monkeyfilter head's up top page itself. Changed. Oh. Now it's changed AGAIN. Wierdness abounds. Just don't out ME now, please. I have no mod tools or anything... What kind of a God would even permit this? (Not that it doesn't show the awesome superiority of a site with has not too many posts to sift through.)
  • Malwarebyte's Anti-Malware will not let me connect to callingallmonkeys.com. 'Potentially malicious', it says. I guess I'll skip looking at all those typewriters.