March 31, 2004

Secrets of the Magic 8-Ball revealed! But do you really want to know? Via J-Walk.
  • That has to be a fake Magic 8-ball that they took apart. Mine made sincere and thoughtful choices for me throughout my younger years, and there is no way that could have happened with a 15-sided die floating in a cylinder of blue water.
  • Next you'll be showing an autopsy of the Toothfairy! *runs crying from the room*
  • 15-sided die ia, the horrid non-euclidean solid from beyond the stars! ... it's a 20-sided die ... I'm such a dork
  • Next you'll be showing an autopsy of the Toothfairy! Now that I'd like to see.
  • And here I thought it was tiny magic elves in scuba gear...
  • I think you're still safe, boo_radley. A true dork would have referred to it as a D20 and pointed out that you usually us it for calculating damage, not telling the future. [on preview I found that I started the second sentence with "I" instead of "A". I hate typed Freudian slips.]
  • Absolutely. I would never consider calling it anything other than a D20. And with the new AD&D system, it's for calculating everything now. Also, unless you're wielding a catapult or something, it wasn't used for rolling damage; it was used for rolling hits. And now, it's time for my medication...
  • Monkeyfilter: the horrid non-euclidean solid from beyond the stars
  • Monks Alnedra. Glorious fist-swinging dimension hopping monks. Which was also what I'd always assumed the magic 8-ball was powered by. Dreams die hard.
  • I used to think there was this little blue genie sitting in the centre holding a whole set of small plaques and throwing them up when I shake the ball. Always wondered why only one message shows up at a time.
  • Thanks for out dorking me, Alnedra.
  • While we're at it : The Magic 5 ball Spinnwebe's Magic 9-Ball Come for the 9-ball, stay for the Captioning
  • ohmygodohmygodohmygod! That magic 5 ball really works! I was thinking about ROTK's extended DVD and it said "Only in November!" I am a convert. *lies postrate before screenshot of Magic 5 Ball* mexican: That's the nicest thing anyone has said to me today ;)
  • Mickey: sincere and thoughtful choices Hmmmmm, is that why you have a pile of empty beer cans stacked in your window along with a pair of those pre-browned BVDs containing moldy oregano? You really shouldn't have bought that Ford Pinto. And plaids with stripes have NEVER been in, Buddy.
  • eightball I know ye never lied to me ye could unveil a mystery with truths phrased enigmatically like the oracle of old Delphi