November 12, 2010

How cats drink. (includes mention of the Froude number).
  • I read nothing in that article about how fast a cat can calculate the maximum amount of force needed to rip your face off if you attempt to give it a bath.
  • How fast can a fast cat lap if a fast cat can lap fast? Next up - How fast can a monkey fling? Also, Froude Lives!
  • but is he a really amazingly together guy? and does he know where is towel is?
  • So you're telling me Freud not only successfully herded cats, but made them take laps? Or was that naps? I'm so confused.
  • arch tongue runs flickfast flipflipflip from old fringelip or young kit cat (h) over s lapping saucer mouser keeps those whiskers spread
  • Bees, FTW!!
  • There is another way that cats can drink...
  • And a bad way that kittehs drink.
  • Great video, TT. Thanks.