March 31, 2004

Lunar Magic: Level Editor for Super Mario World.

All you need is a copy of the editor, a Super Nintendo emulator, and a copy of the Super Mario World rom (1, 2: right click on either of these links, and change the file extension to .smc when you save it. If these don't work, you'll have to google). All attempts to improve on one of the greatest games ever are probably pretty futile, however.

  • As far as greatest games, I would vote for Mario 3 over Mario World. Partially just because it was the one that I loved the most, but also because when that hit the market it just blew everything else out of the water in terms of sophistication, depth and complexity. Mario World was a good game, but not really the massive leap upwards that 3 was. That said, the level editor looks cool, might be a fun way to revive my own interest in retreading those sacred grounds.
  • Dorks really do make the coolest things some times. Although I think that anyone who uses the smilie ^_^ or any of its deriratives should be imprisoned.
  • ^_^ and dy/dx(^_^) There. I used them both. **sticks out tongue**
  • *integrates the quidnunc kid*
  • Aw, now I really feel like one of the gang.
  • sciurus & quid, I LOL on that. Does that makes me a dork? (...or it's everything I have posted before?)
  • i refuse to comment on that lest i incriminate myself.
  • As if the world didn't already have enough lame, unfinished Super Mario World hacks. Thanks, dng. Thanks a lot.