September 14, 2010

Shoes every monkey wants
  • Those are great. I would imagine that people would love them for Halloween.
  • Pffft! Kobi is so behind the times. In 1975, Glasgow pop artist, Edmund Smith, made a pair of size 9 bananas for Billy Connelly. On completion of the first banana the artist cautioned that the second one would not be identical - and so the second banana was given 'designer status' by the addition of the famous Fyffes label. Not to mention Kobi's heels don't look well ripened. For those monkeys that don't like heels, there are banana flats. Another with strawberries on top. Guys get bananas, too. Here, and here. Or sneakers, both regular and high tops.
  • Gives new meaning to the expression "slip on a banana".
  • Gives new meaning to the expression "slip on a banana".... People stop and stare at vegetables that wear suspenders and a bra. Those ankle socks and summer smocks on turnips look bizarre. Don't want to see a ripe lychee relaxing in pajamas. So save you lace, and never place a slip on a banana.
  • *applause*
  • "Footwear with "a-peel". TT started it!
  • I MUST own these. WANT WANT WANT.
  • Those aren't shoes, they're slippers.
  • A ha ha ha ha ha! *wipes tear* Astounding shoes - thanks, mare!
  • ))), ThinksTwice! such bright yellow shoes must make monkeys squeal with each trip of the toe or wheel on a heel
  • OMG!!! Bees, I've missed you and your wonderful way with words! Welcome back.
  • *hugs BlueHorse, deftly dodging a steelshod heel*
  • ... I had to fall back on things like clouds, on all the hats of the world, rivers, waiting rooms, doors, and names, so many names, that simply learning them would have taken my whole sacred life.... --Pablo Neruda, trans f Isla Negra by Ilan Stavans
  • as they grow old do banana shoes grow sticky and then ooze?
  • Banana shoes : they start off green, then yellow like : a long bent sack, square cross section : with four ridges, speckled blotches : appear between, If you don't want : them to be black, Please don't store them : in your 'fridges. hmmm... no joy from an ABC ABC rhyme :-( and miserable scansion - maybe my brain cannot track 3 suspended sounds at once.
  • banana shoes upon our feet the wasps now think our feet resemble something sweet wasps follow us they plague us so we find them everywhere we go clustering on heel and toe our wondrous shoes that once were yellow can now raise welts upon a fellow
  • ye'll walk on the wild side when ye step out wearing our split personality boot